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Dr. Bodo Schiffmann - 21/02/06 Where does Sars-Cov2 come frome

06 Feb 2021

⁣A disease for which you need a test to know that you are ill.
An illness that has no symptoms of its own, but has exactly the same symptoms as seasonal influenza
A disease with a severity identical to that of a typical flu epidemic.
A disease with a survival rate of 99.99% in the age group 0-59 years.
A disease with a survival rate of over 99% in the risk groups.
A disease that has not resulted in excess mortality related to the age group and a reference population of 1000, 10,000 or 100,000 people.
SARS-COV2 is a positive test result by a non-diagnostic and non-screening method that cannot distinguish between live virus and cell fragments.
A virus for which the risk of dying from the vaccination is greater than the risk of dying from the virus. (Old people's homes in Germany with more than 30% deaths in connection with the vaccination of previously fit residents)They die faster than the incubation period of the SARS disease from the vaccination.

source: ⁣https://dlive.tv/boschimo

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Robert Prost-Lepouras
Robert Prost-Lepouras 12 months ago

Very good, thanks!

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