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Cassette History/Trivia : A series of fortunate events

Robert Prost-Lepouras

What influenced the Philips Compact Cassette?
This and more will be answered in this video event of the century.
Be the life and soul of any party by sharing the story of how 3M’s failed music cartridge made the Philips cassette possible. Learn why Philips terrible deal with Sony was great for everyone else. Discover the only patentable part of the compact cassette player.

00:00 Play
00:25 The ‘Inventor’
02:45 Proto-tapes
05:35 RCA’s attempt
09:15 3M’s attempt
11:09 Minifon attaché
12:30 It’s all about the width
13:59 Understanding the market
16:01 Cassette’s unique feature
17:06 Philips other 1963 cassette
18:09 Rivals
19:53 The deal of the century
23:00 Quick fire facts
24:30 Load “”
26:08 Eject

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