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Deep Dark Bias of Google Search: Data Manipulation

Robert Prost-Lepouras

If you think Google Search gives you organic search results, here's proof that Google Search is out to win your heart and mind with manipulated data. Search results that are modified to induce a change of opinion.In this Red-Pill video, we will dig deep into the next stage of data collection. From Federated Learning of Cohorts, you will see how this is used with a Big Tech agenda. And Google is not alone.

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Neophysis 4 months ago

Type any number with at least 2 digits and not more than 6 digits, followed by the word cases into google and observe googles bias to find something COVID related for you to click on.
It's true magic, no matter the number you come up with, there is as a link, that matches that number in relation to COVID cases.

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